Sunday, June 21, 2009

Short comments and 3 final real time images which indicate how they relate to my Clients and the idea of "Power"

Power is the ability to control or influence. Within of power of Obama and Prada exists the application of predominance, control, honour, freedom and idealism.
From the images you can see that I found Prada’s power to be subtle as it was behind the scenes and the psychical application of her power is only executed in a selected area. However I created the bridge to demonstrate the she also has a lot of psychological power as the brings is alluring and captivating as it entices people to cross is it ,enter as well as transfigure into her environment and perception. The space presents that Prada applies her power to execute predominance, control and honour.
On the other hand I found that Obama to use his power for the people. I made his space open in a forum style to also represent this republic and democratic approach to power. Unlike Prada, Obama's power is not intimidating it is welcoming and not demanding which is seen in evident in the the inviting and open nature of his space. He applies his power to bring in a sense of unity, freedom, honour and idealism.

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