Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lecture 7 task

I firstly elected this section form the lecture slide because of the aesthetics. However I found that this particular work is a direct reflection of my initial design.

The similarities of this design with my own space subscribed for Keith Campbell are:
• The spaces itself seem to links up in terms of mood – my space is just as profession area there nothings colourful or entertaining.
• Both the designs are gridded and geometric.
• The location of being outside is another replication.
• The other similarity is how there is a space that leads the person into this area. We also come together with the way we both merge random oblongs by overlaying and fusing.

• This image from the same section is another similarity as it also replicates the same flow of light as my own work, I also have a sun roof in Keith Campbell same located at the top on my model.

There are also other component within eh work that I also appreciate however there are no similarities with my own respective work one of them is the unique way the artisans if creating the works with geometrical shapes retaining a strong level of innovation and functionality.

More research on Alfred Nobel

Images of his lab: from google images

• Sir Kantha has suggested that ' the one personal trait of Nobel that helped him to sharpen his creativity include his talent for
• He had information access, via his multi-lingual skills.
• six languages: Swedish, French, Russian, English, German and Italian.
• He also developed literary skills to write poetry in English.' His Nemesis, a prose tragedy in four acts about Beatrice Cenci, partly inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley's The Cenci, was printed while he was dying.
• Alfred Nobel did not like people, but he loved humanity, for which he felt a deep responsibility.

• Alfred Nobel was of a type not at all rare among great introverts; he did not like people, but he loved humanity, for which he felt a deep responsibility.
• Alfred Nobel was a very wise man by endowing what he considered as pursuits of eternal values; science, pure and applied, idealistic literature, peace.

His personality and idea

• Nobel invented the dynamite in order to help humanity to control the nature (remove obstacles, cut down hills, and explode rocks) .
• When he saw what damage the dynamite had caused in the world, he decided to donate his money to make the world a better place. He put the money in a fund and with its earnings he set the Nobel Prize that is awarded yearly to people whose work helps humanity.
• He thought that if he will establish this prize people could be encouraged to donate positively to the world.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

unreal model

these are some very rough model images- they where the best i could do

Developing the concept

Researching the Concept

From the research I have done I found that I will need to have a spaces where
• the sheep’s live , (where we can source the eggs)
• an operation place to remove cells,.(here the eggs can be covered in a cell and electric shocked)
• A place where the cells are fused and grown (where an embryo is developed)
• another bran for the mother (where the eggs is implanted)
• And a place for birth.

for nobel

Feature of the room should include :
The equipment used is specially designed to reduce the exposure of the mixture to heat, compaction forces, or ignition sources.
specialized heating, ventilation, and electrical systems.
These buildings are "hardened" with bullet-resistant

nobel also found his idea by accident he mix two fuilds and accidnelty spilt it in a box of hay.

Image that demonstrates the idea of Keith Campbell.

last weeks work corpped

Monday, April 20, 2009

alternate to unreal

I know i am supposed to do this on unreal tournament howver i have had absolutely no sucess at all so i sketched this model up on sketch up tomorrow i plan to get soem help hopefully off classmates

sketch up axonometrics